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Healthwatch NL Ray of Sunshine Award 2019

Nominations now closed. Visit our Facebook page to vote for your winner. 

Healthwatch North Lincolnshire launched this award last year to give you an opportunity to recognise anyone within the health and care services who has gone the extra mile to make you smile.

Your nomination can be anyone who made a difference to your life in the last twelve months within the county; a nurse, doctor or dentist. A carer, volunteer or receptionist. A paramedic, porter or pharmacist. Anyone at all who has been that glistening ‘Ray of Sunshine’ for you or your family.

Little things can make a huge difference and here at Healthwatch we love to hear about the great care and support received by people living in North Lincolnshire.  

Nominations will be shared on our Facebook and Twitter feeds allowing the public the opportunity to vote for the winner.

The winner will be announced at the Healthwatch North Lincolnshire Festival of Wellbeing, Normanby hall, Scunthorpe on July 28th.

Thank you

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