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Our Enter & View Representatives

One of our key areas of work is to carry out Enter & View visits to Health & Social Care services across North Lincolnshire. 

It is important to note that Enter & View is not an inspection. Enter and View visits can be announced or unannounced. 

Enter & View is the opportunity for authorised representatives to:

  • Visit Health & Social care premises to hear and see how service users experience the service
  • Collect the views of patients, residents and staff at the point of service delivery
  • Collect the views of carers and relatives of service users
  • Observe the nature & quality of services
  • Collate evidence based feedback
  • Report to providers, CQC, Local Authority & NHS commissioners as well as any other relevant partners

Enter & View visits can only be carried out by authorised Healthwatch Enter and View Representatives. Our representatives are fully trained in accordance with Healthwatch policy (including DBS & Safeguarding training) and attend regular training workshops. 

Enter & View Representatives wear Healthwatch ID badges at all times, unless asked to remove them by service managment/ staff.


Who are our Enter & View Representatives?

Denise Fowler

Jane Brown

Linda Byrne

Mike Pinnock

Jackie Rae

Laura Hickman

Annabel Tindale (Staff)

Jen Allen (Staff)

Carrie Butler (Staff)

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