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Yorkshire & Humber Cancer Self Help and Support Group Conference


x2 members form Northern Lincolnshire & Goole Patient Involvement Group Healthwatch North Lincolnshire were invited to a regional Yorkshire and Humber Cancer Self Help and Support Group Conference, hosted by Macmillan.

Throughout the day, a series of workshops took place, including a seminar on user involvement in the new health and social care landscape. Farzana Khanum, Delivery Manager represented Healthwatches from across the region, delivering a presentation introducing Healthwatch, the work being carried out and how local people can get involved.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the work of local Healthwatches and how local support volunteers attending a workshop groups and individuals can get involved in their local Healthwatch and help influence change in local health and social care services.”

A large number of people from Cancer User Involvements Groups and Self Help and Support Groups from across the region took part in the event.



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