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Update your contact details


Have you moved house? Do you have a new mobile number? Have you changed your name? If so, your hospital needs to know about it.

Hospital staff at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust – which runs Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole hospitals - are urging all patients, whether they have been seen recently or not, to update their contact details.

Tracey Broom, Associate Chief Operating Officer for clinical support services, said: “having up-to-date contact details, especially mobile numbers, is essential to ensure the best and most efficient care is carried out. Even if you haven’t been to the hospital recently your details will still need updating.”

She added: “We ask that you make sure the hospital has your up-to-date mobile number either at your next appointment or through our website. This way, we can get in touch with you about any upcoming appointments you may have as part of our text reminder service.”

 The text message reminder service has been rolled out to all specialties within outpatients with people automatically opted into the service.

 Members of the public can update their contact details at their next appointment or by the online form at http://www.nlg.nhs.uk/contact/enquiries/


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