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Patient Feedback Sought on Outpatient Appointments


Patients attending the outpatient departments at Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole hospitals are being asked for their feedback. Patients in the outpatients departments will be asked whether they had a long wait for their appointment, whether they had been reminded about the date and time of their appointment and whether they had previously had it cancelled.

The Trust asked patients for the same feedback in December 2015 after it completely changed the way outpatient appointments were handled with the creation of 15 specialty admin teams. These teams of staff act as a single point of contact for patients improving the appointments process right from the initial referral through to the patient attending for their appointment.

Kate Conway, improvement manager, said: “We are seeking the views of our patients again as we want to measure any improvements in patients’ experience following the changes we have implemented. We also want to gain feedback on further improvement areas.”

The changes were made following comments from patients experiencing long waits for their appointments and last minute cancellations. People also had difficulty getting in touch with the right person to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

Kate said: “This new way of working gives patients a single point of contact for all their appointment enquiries and we hope it has vastly improved their experience.”

Other steps the Trust has taken to reduce the number of wasted appointments are the introduction of a text message reminder service and the creation of a cancellation portal on the website where people can cancel altogether or request a new date for their appointments.

Patients are encouraged to let the hospital know if they have recently changed telephone number so they can take advantage of the text reminders.

The survey is open until midnight on Sunday March 27. If you have recently been a patient, on an outpatient basis, at Scunthorpe, Grimsby or Goole hospitals you can complete the survey online here.


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