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North Lincolnshire Health & Wellbeing Board Pharmacy Survey


North Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Board is looking at pharmacy (chemist) services across North Lincolnshire through the development of a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment. 
To provide a good service they need to regularly look at what services are available, what local people need and how things might change in the future. 
Once this has taken place, the NHS will use this to look at how best to buy the services the public in North Lincolnshire need from their pharmacies. It will also help the NHS to see if there are any gaps and look at future plans. 
Tell the North Lincolnshire Health and Wellbeing Board  your views on local pharmacies (some people call them chemists) by completing this online questionnaire. https://www.research.net/s/NLincs_PNA2014  It should only take about 10 minutes of your time.
The survey will close on 21st September 2014. 


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