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NHS England statement: Ashby Dental Practice


Patients registered with the Ashby Dental Practice will have received letters from NHS England informing them of arrangements around the NHS service provision at Ashby Dental Practice.  They have, further to a number of enquiries received by HWNL, also provided the statement below:

At the beginning of May 2016 NHS England withdrew the contract for Ashby Dental Practice.  NHS England is currently working to arrange an interim service whilst a review of dental services in the area is completed. Local dental providers in the area have been contacted about providing the interim service however due to a very high response rate this work is taking longer than anticipated. The aim is for the interim service to commence during July 2016 at which point all patients at Ashby Dental Practice will be able to access NHS dental services from that provider. Once an interim service is in place all patients will be contacted by NHS England with the details. Until the interim service is in place urgent care can be accessed  by calling 01724 858969 during the hours of 08.00-12.30 Monday to Friday or 111 out of hours. Patients at Ashby Dental Practice do not need to register with another dental practice or re-register with the new practice as their details will automatically be transferred.


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