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HWNL Strategic Priorities 2016/2017


Directors and staff members for Healthwatch North Lincolnshire have identified priorities for their work during 2016/17.  

At an extended board meeting in February Healthwatch considered the themes coming out of public surveys and engagement events over the past year, along with the issues highlighted by the local commissioners of health and care services.  They also looked at North Lincolnshire’s key strategic documents, such as the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

A questionnaire was then used to ask local people to give their views on previously identified areas of concern and whether there were any other health and social care issues facing our local population. 

After considering a range of local views, Healthwatch North Lincolnshire identified the following work priorities for 2016/17:

  • To continue the work Healthwatch already started, looking further into people’s experiences of booking GP appointments
  • To examine local people’s experiences of discharge from hospital and the support provided to help their recovery
  • To prioritise patient access to high quality Mental Health Services, in particular:
  • Experiences of Child and Adolescent Mental Health services for people in North Lincolnshire
  • Experiences of seeking help with mental health from low level needs such as anxiety and depression through to referral for treatment or provision of crisis care     

Healthwatch North Lincolnshire will continue with a comprehensive programme of Enter and View visits to health and social care settings, including residential and nursing care homes, GP surgeries and the local hospital.  These visits allow Healthwatch to speak with those being cared for and their carers, to listen to their experiences and make observations about care being provided.

Board members also recognised that there would also need to be a strong underlying theme looking at communication with patients and carers across all health and social care provision, as this was a key finding from research during 2015.


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