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Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures Consultation Proposed Outcomes


Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures agrees proposals for Hyper-Acute Stroke services and Ear, Nose and Throat inpatient surgery in Northern Lincolnshire

Following a public consultation, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have agreed to take forward their preferred proposals for Hyper Acute Stroke services and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) inpatient surgery.

Hyper-Acute Stroke services will continue to operate at Scunthorpe General Hospital (SGH) only.

There will be no change to how services are currently provided. The temporary arrangements put in place in November 2013 for safety reasons as recommended by the Keogh review will become permanent.  Anyone having a stroke in the local area will go to SGH for up to the first 72 hours of their care. After this period, patients needing on-going treatment and monitoring will receive this at a hospital nearest to their home. This will see North East Lincolnshire patients transferred from the Hyper-Acute stroke unit at Scunthorpe to the stroke ward at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital (DPoW).

All ENT Inpatient surgery will move and only be available at Diana Princess of Wales (DPoW) hospital.

People with an ENT problem will still go to their nearest hospital, either SGH or DPoW, for an outpatient appointment or if they need day surgery. Patients needing emergency or planned surgery which requires a stay in hospital for one or more nights will have their operation at DPoW and remain on the ward there, after the operation. If someone goes to SGH A&E with a problem that requires an ENT specialist they will be transferred to DPoW as an emergency and seen by the on-call specialist based there.

Following the recent 12 week consultation, where the views and opinions of a wide range of  public, clinicians, staff and key stakeholders were taken into consideration, both CCGs consider that these solutions will provide high quality, safe and sustainable services for the residents of Northern Lincolnshire.

Dr Peter Melton, Clinical Chief Officer, North East Lincolnshire commented: “The quality, safety and care of our residents is of paramount importance and the reason why both CCGs have undertaken a review of these services. We temporarily changed arrangements for Hyper-Acute Stroke care to centralise the service at Scunthorpe General Hospital in 2013. We did this for safety reasons on the recommendation of the Keogh review. Since that time we have seen significant improvements in outcomes for patients who have had a stroke. These outcomes have demonstrated to us the need to continue to deliver 24/7 Hyper-Acute stroke services in Scunthorpe where we have teams of specialist staff accessible around the clock with the right equipment available to help staff make important clinical decisions on the best course of treatment for each patient.”

Dr Margaret Sanderson, Chair, North Lincolnshire CCG said: “We recognise that the consultation generated a lot of interest from residents about the changes. This is welcomed and some concerns are understandable, however, our major priorities when considering change must always be around patient safety and quality of care. We had to change how ENT inpatient surgical services were delivered to ensure the continued safe provision of high quality services for all our residents. Most ENT surgery is not an emergency and is planned in advance. Nonetheless in emergencies a specialist needs to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which although is currently the case, it is not available at both sites as the same time. Our decision means there will be an ENT specialist available at Diana Princess of Wales’s hospital 24/7 thereby offering an improved, safer service to all Northern Lincolnshire residents.

“Both CCGs will now work closely with Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals Foundation Trust (NLAG FT) to ensure the change to ENT inpatient surgery is implemented as soon as possible.”

For more detailed information please see the Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures Feedback Report and accompanying decision papers on Hyper-Acute Stroke services and Ear, Nose and Throat inpatient surgery which can be accessed at www.healthyliveshealthyfutures.nhs.uk/publications

Dr Peter Melton and Dr Margaret Sanderson talk about the CCG’s decision to implement their preferred proposals along with the reasons why in a video that can be viewed at www.healthyliveshealthyfutures.nhs.uk


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