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Healthwatch England Report - Suffering in Silence


Suffering in Silence Report Front Cover Healthwatch England published its report “Suffering in Silence” that looks into patients' and their families' views and experiences of the complaints system. You can find out more at here.

“Suffering in Silence” shows that almost 1 in 3 people across England have experienced or witnessed a relative or friend receiving poor quality care at some point in the last year, yet two thirds of people didn’t complain about it.

People reported that the number one reason they would complain, is to prevent others having to suffer. Some feel they are being prevented from doing this because the complaints system is too complicated, takes too much effort and they don’t have faith their feedback will make any difference.

 What are the solutions?

Healthwatch England has made three key recommendations which it says reflects what the public said they want to see in a complaints system.

  • Make it easier to complain: Ways in which the system could make it quicker and easier for everyone to register their concerns and complaints and, crucially, to feel safe and supported to do so.
  • Ensure a compassionate response and resolution: A number of key principles to ensure that, no matter who it is raised by or how they raise it, every complaint is taken seriously and offered a meaningful resolution.
  • Hold to account those who fail to listen: How the system as a whole can step up a gear in how it handles and learns from complaints, as well as outlining how those who fail to move with the times can be held to account.

It is important to let Healthwatch North Lincolnshire know if you or someone you know has experienced similar issues. We are here to help you work out where to start when making a complaint and ensure your views are heard. To tell us about your experiences or to discuss how we can support you to make a complaint call our Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICA) on 0808 8023000.




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