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Enter and View – Jane’s first visit!


Healthwatch volunteer Jane Brown recently participated in her first Enter and View visit. Here’s Jane’s experience of the visit.

“The visit was to a care home in Scunthorpe. Obviously I was a little apprehensive as this was a new experience for me even though I have worked as a nurse for nearly 40 years.

This time I wasn’t giving care, but listening to individuals about the care they were receiving as well as the other important needs in their lives such as being safe, good nutrition and dignity.

During the visit I spoke to three residents - all ladies, who were happy to share their thoughts and experiences of living in the home. Each resident had a story to tell and I had a really interesting couple of hours listening and interacting with them. After informing the ladies of what Healthwatch did, they all were in support of why we were there and couldn’t wait to share their stories with me.

I learnt about not only what was happening in their lives currently and how they felt they were being cared for, but also they wanted to share with me their past careers and where they had been born and raised - all fascinating and all from very different backgrounds.

The time within the care home was soon over and I thanked the ladies for their consent and willingness to talk to me. I felt supported by the members of the Healthwatch Team - Helen and Amie - and came away from my first E & V visit feeling it had been a positive experience for me and I hope, the three residents I met.

The first visit can be daunting for anyone, no matter what their background. However, I would definitely recommend getting involved with Healthwatch if you enjoy listening and communicating with people, there is always something to learn! This is one way to engage with the local community and give everyone an opportunity to be heard.  I will be back!”


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