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Do you have a complaint about the NHS?


Older person looking worried Getting the right health care at the right time is important to all of us, especially when a loved one, relative or friend needs urgent care, a short stay in hospital or an operation.  Most of us are lucky enough to receive the highest quality, safe, compassionate care, but occasionally some people feel they have not had the service they expect from the NHS.

When your health care is provided by the NHS you are entitled to make an NHS complaint using the NHS complaints process. An NHS complaint might include something that happened during care or treatment at:

  • The hospital
  • Your general practitioner (GP)
  • The dentist
  • The pharmacist
  • The optician
  • An NHS funded care home

Finding your way around the NHS complaints process can be difficult. Healthwatch advocacy is an independent complaints advocacy service provided by Carers Federation that is here to support you to make an NHS complaint.  Healthwatch Advocates help people to speak up for themselves, they will not tell you what to do or act on the wishes of others. 

Healthwatch Advocacy is free, independent of the NHS and confidential. Advocates can support you to make a NHS complaint about an issue that has occurred in the last twelve months. Making a complaint can be an emotional and difficult process, so advocates work with you to explore the different options available, so you feel confident enough to make a complaint. Giving you information about how the NHS complaints process works, writing letters and preparing meetings are just some of the ways an advocate can help you.

 You can find out more about how to make an NHS complaint here.

 Or call the complaints hub for an information pack or to register an NHS complaint on 0808 802 3000.



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