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Adult Social Services - Local Account 2011/12



North Lincolnshire Council’s Adult Social Services has just published its first Local Account. This documents sets out how they work, what you can expect from Adult Services, what they have been doing in this last year, and what their plans are for this coming year.

North Lincolnshire Council are really keen to hear the views of the patients and public on this document. Do you think the document is accessible? Is there anything you feel should be added to the document? Perhaps there are certain services you think could be improved or added to.

The document can be viewed on the link below. If you have any comments you would like to share on this document or about any Adult Social Care service, please contact Jo-anne Greenfield at: 

Email: Joanne.Greenfield@northlincs.gov.uk

Tel: 01724 296477 

Adult Social Services Local Account 2011/12 


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