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All Age Carers: consultation appeal.


Are you a carer?  Can you help inform the commissioning strategy for Carers currently out for consultation by North Lincolnshire Council?

North Lincolnshire Council explain:

The purpose of this Commissioning Strategy is to outline the commissioning intentions for Carers across North Lincolnshire. Over the years, strong relationships have been built with partner agencies, providers, and our communities. The aim of this strategy is toensure that we understand the needs of our carers and that working with partners,providers and our communities we can develop and design services that will achieveimproved outcomes.

The draft Commissioning Strategy for All Age Carers 2015 - 2018 shows how we will improve outcomes for all Carers living in North Lincolnshire. It is in line with the contribution to the Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2013-18.

Then they explain that they want to involve more local people by seeking comments and feedback on this plan for Carers regardless of their age. 

The aim of the All Age Carers Commissioning Strategy is to:

- Ensure that we understand the needs of our population
- Outline commissioning intentions
- Look at how we can work with partners, providers and our communities to develop and design services that will achieve improved outcomes for Carers regardless of age   

So, if you do consider yourself a carer then please complete the short survey to tell NLC what you think of the draft plan.  They say that your views are important in making sure this plan is what is needed to Think Carers, Think Families

The survey runs from 18 March 2015 and will end 3 April 2015.

Download the Strategy, read what is the current offer and then feedback here.




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