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Concerned about a child

Contact: 01724 296500 or email

Out of hours: 01724 296555


Concerned about an Adult 

Contact 297195 or email (updated 7.12.18)

Visit North Lincs Safeguarding Adults Board  

What is abuse?

Abuse can happen anywhere and can be carried out by anyone. This could be family, friends, neighbours, paid staff, carers or volunteers. It could also be other service users, tenants or strangers. 

Abuse is anything that harms another person and might include: 

  • physical abuse - such as hitting, pushing or slapping
  • domestic abuse - such as psychological, sexual or physical
  • psychological abuse - such as bullying, taunting or humiliating someone
  • sexual abuse - such as inappropriate touching, forcing someone to take part in any sexual act against their will
  • financial abuse - such as misusing, withholding or taking someone’s money
  • neglect - such as not providing necessary food, care or medicine 

People who require care and support must be able to trust and depend on the people they rely on for help. No abuse is acceptable. Some abuse is a criminal offence and should be reported to the police as soon as possible.

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