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Youth Council have their say on how to improve local hospital services


Members of the North Lincolnshire Youth Council met with staff from Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust (NLaG) to talk through their ideas for ways to improve patient experience. 

Suggestions put forward by the pupils, who are all aged between 11 and 20 years-old, included age specific books in waiting areas and more online services.

Taking on board their ideas were Beverley Hayward, improvement project manager and Debbie Bray, deputy head of nursing for children’s services.

Beverley said: “This was our first visit to the youth council with the aim to gather young people’s views on visiting our hospitals and consider any potential improvements that could be made.

“This is an exciting venture and we are looking forward to working with them and local schools going forward.”

Trust staff will revisit the youth council to showcase any changes that have been made as a result of the feedback given.

Debbie Bray added: “It’s so important we engage with our local communities: those who use our services are best placed to tell us how to improve them. It also gives local young people the chance to be involved in shaping future services.”

Further details about North Lincolnshire Youth Council can be found at www.northlincs.co.uk/youth-council.


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