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Your priorities for 2018/19


Each year, Healthwatch North Lincolnshire undertakes a survey to help set our priorities for work and develop a workplan for the coming year. To do this we consider the views of the public and stakeholders gathered from the survey, alongside key strategic documents such as the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.  The survey asks people their key areas of concern and whether there were things they considered to be issues facing our local population. 

During the past year and from the priorities survey, local people have suggested the following key areas we could focus on:

>Outpatient appointments – to help our hospital understand the patient’s experience of outpatients and continue our work to improve the process for patients

>Experiences of hospital discharge and timely access to support provided at home >Access to prescribed medication and medication reviews
>Mental Health Services – How young people aged 16-18 access support with their mental health

>People’s experiences of getting help with lower level mental health support needs e.g. counselling, GP, self-management

This feedback will help us to plan a programme of work for 2018/19 to run alongside our programme of Enter and View visits to health and social care settings. 


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