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Tell us your views on accessing GP appointments


Our report ‘Understanding Why Patients Choose to Attend the Emergency Centre’ found that out of 169 people interviewed 42% of people had tried to book an appointment with their GP before they resorted to attending the Emergency Centre.

We have decided to explore this further, to find out if the increasing pressure on emergency services reflects the ability of GP practices to support people before they require access to emergency care. Nationally, 73.3% of people rated their general experience of making an appointment with their GP as ‘good’ according to the GP Patient Survey for 2014/15.

We want to find out how the experiences of people in North Lincolnshire when booking GP appointments compares to this national standard. According to intelligence from our general survey so far, 34% of people in North Lincolnshire could access an appointment when they needed to, with 50% commenting that they sometimes could and 16% saying that they could not. 

HWNL will therefore investigate this in more depth, using a combination of our Enter and View powers to go in to GP practices and hear your voice, whilst analysing your answers to a survey, designed to capture your view on booking GP appointments, good or bad. Your stories will be used to provide recommendations to health care providers and influence improvements to services across the area.

Take part in our short survey here. 

To arrange to collect a paper copy with freepost envelope call the HWNL office on 01724 844986. 


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