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New provider for non-emergency patient transport in North Lincolnshire


A new company will take over the contract for non-emergency patient transport in North Lincolnshire from March 6, 2019.

North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group has awarded the contract to Savoy Ventures Limited.

The Kent-based firm will take over from Thames Ambulance Service Limited – which was served notice by the CCG in March.

The non-emergency transport system exists to support people to get to and from hospital when they are too poorly or their medical condition means they are unable to manage the journey themselves.

Brian Wren, Chief Executive Officer at Savoy Ventures said: “We have spent 12 years working with a number of clients to develop a, we believe, patient-focused and efficient service.

“The company has targeted a number of new contracts specifically where we believe we can make a difference and we are delighted to have been awarded the contract for non-emergency patient transport in North Lincolnshire.

“We are looking forward to working with North Lincolnshire CCG and local stakeholders to ensure we make that difference.”

The new service will determine eligibility for access to transport following a short, confidential telephone assessment which all patients will need to complete even if they were eligible under the previous provider.

Any patient with transport already booked for on or after March 6 will automatically have their booking transferred to Savoy Ventures.

Jane Ellerton, Head of Strategic Commissioning at North Lincolnshire CCG, said: “We are pleased to have awarded the non-emergency patient transport contract to Savoy Ventures and look forward to working with them.

“Patient transport services are for those who have a medical condition that prevents them from getting to their appointment by other means so it is essential those who really need the service get access to it.

“We engaged thoroughly with our patients ahead of undertaking a detailed procurement process. We are hopeful North Lincolnshire patients will see an improvement in service as a result.”


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