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New head of midwifery joins your local hospital trust NLaG



A new head of midwifery has been appointed bringing with her 32 years of experience working with women, babies, children and their families.

Toby Cooper is passionate about ensuring women have a seamless package of care from when they walk through the door to when they go home.

Her focus is not only on midwifery but also neonatal, children and gynaecology services at Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole hospitals. 

Toby began her career back in 1986 when she trained as a nurse at hospitals in Winchester and Basingstoke. She went onto train as a midwife in 1990 and continued to work in central London before moving to Devon.

Talking about why she made the move to Northern Lincolnshire Toby said: “When I came to visit, everyone including staff and patients, were so incredibly warm, open and friendly. I knew straight away it was somewhere that I would be welcome and be one of the team. There is so much energy and passion in the staff I now work with.”

Toby spent five years as a senior midwife and manager in central London at Imperial College NHS Trust, the first Academic Health Science Centre in the UK, and managed the maternity service for more 9,500 births across West London. In 2012 she moved to Devon to become head of midwifery.

Toby said: “It was such a real change. I went from managing one of the largest maternity services in the UK at the time, covering about 12 square miles, to one of the smallest, covering more than 1,000 square miles.

“I am certainly enjoying the cross site working and diversity working across Northern Lincolnshire.”

Toby added: “I was delighted to be given the opportunity to help shape and develop services for the future. I want to fly the flag for maternity, children’s services and gynaecology and share our successes.”


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