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National accreditation for cardiac service


Grimsby hospital has been recognised as having one of the best cardiac rehabilitation services in the country.

The cardiac rehabilitation team at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital has met the required standards to become a National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation (NACR) and British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) credited service.

This means it can carry the credited logo and patients will be signposted to the service from the Cardiac Rehabilitation Online Register.

The NACR/BACPR programme was launched in June 2015, with 16 sites taking part in the initial pilot.

It aims to ensure the quality delivery of cardiac rehabilitation against nationally agreed minimum standards.

Angie Arnett-Briggs, nurse specialist in cardiac rehabilitation, said: “There are 299 centres for the national audit in England, Ireland and Wales, and 46 centres have been found to be meeting the core quality standards. Only 36 centres have been certified.

“We have been striving for this for a while. We are advertised nationally as a recognised centre for cardiac rehabilitation quality.”

The team work alongside colleagues in physiotherapy who have helped support the programme.

The cardiac rehabilitation service at Grimsby has a dedicated team of specialist nurses for patients with coronary artery disease.


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