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Join Healthwatch to Celebrate Wellbeing in North Lincolnshire


Join Healthwatch to Celebrate Wellbeing in North Lincolnshire

Healthwatch North Lincolnshire is holding an event on Saturday 28th July from 9am-4pm at Normanby Hall Country Park in Scunthorpe.

Our aim is to showcase the ways people in North Lincolnshire can make positive choices around their own health and wellbeing through engaging in physical activities and learning about some of the local groups that support our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

There will be a program of activities running throughout the day ranging from yoga, baby massage and Zumba, to children’s activities and a parade.  The regular Park Run will kick off the event, so there is the opportunity to jog or walk round the course to start your healthy day.

Some animal friends are joining us too!  You can come along to meet alpacas who are used to engage with people living with dementia and children and adults with learning disabilities. 

Kirsten Spark, Manager of Healthwatch North Lincolnshire said,

“We all know that our health services are under increasing pressure.  People are living longer nowadays, but more people are living these extended years in poor health.  Our event will celebrate all of the activities taking place across North Lincolnshire that are working to promote our wellbeing and encouraging people to make healthy lifestyle choices.  We have local fitness and activity groups joining us, as well as charities and voluntary groups who support wellbeing. 

Healthwatch will be there to listen to people’s concerns about health and care and hear about where they have been supported to keep healthy.  We will also be interested to hear about any health or care services locally that people think could be improved.

Everyone is invited to come along and maybe try a new activity or hear how other people are keeping healthy and active.  Normanby Park is an excellent setting to enjoy a day out, so we hope people will make a day of it and perhaps bring a picnic.”    


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