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Get Involved - Health & Care Surveys & Consultations


There are plenty of surveys and consultations you can get involved in, to share your views and experiences of local health and care services. 

Share your views on Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of all health and care services in England. They register, monitor and inspect services to make sure they provide safe, effective, compassionate, high quality care. The CQC is inspecting the Mental Health services at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust on the week of the 30th November 2015. The CQC want to hear about what you think about the care provided here.  The information you provide will help the CQC know which aspects of the service they need to look at during their inspection. 

You can tell Healthwatch North Lincolnshire your views by taking a short survey.

Scunthorpe Hospital Park & Ride Consultation

Members of the public are being urged to have their say on a proposal to relocate the Scunthorpe hospital park and ride service to a town centre location.  The current service launched in 2009 runs between Glanford Park and the hospital. It was launched to ease parking pressures on the hospital site with both staff and members of the public able to use it.

The current service is being reviewed in light of the Trust’s requirement to save money and the fact the football club is looking to relocate in the future.  The proposal suggests that the park and ride service would move to The Parishes multi storey car park in Scunthorpe town centre and would use the Hornsby bus.  The service will still cost 50p each way to use, offer free parking and be operational between 7am and 7pm.  However the frequency of the service would change to every 20 minutes from the current 15 minutes.

People have until Tuesday November 17 to comment on the proposal. Comments and questions can be sent to sallyyates@nhs.net or by telephoning (01724) 282282 extension 3007. Comments can also be sent by post to Sally Yates, Logistics Manager, Scunthorpe General Hospital, Cliff Gardens, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN15 7BH.

Do you have a story to tell about maternity care?

Baby The CQC want to hear from women about their experiences of maternity care, good or bad for a media campaign they are running in January.  For those that wish to participate, the CQC will be looking for people who are comfortable sharing their experience of maternity care with both the CQC and journalists, and who are happy to be named and photographed.

Get in touch at yourstories@cqc.org.uk leaving a short description of your experience.  Someone from the CQC will be in touch to discuss the next steps. 




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