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COVID-19 Testing



Coronavirus testing is available for millions of people from today, after the government loosened rules on who can apply.

Previously, testing was only available to key workers in Engand and their household member. 

Now, all care home staff, care home residents, people aged over 65, and those who must still leave their home in order to go to work are entitled to a test.

Tests are available at a number of pop-up drive-by locations across the country. Home-testing kits are also available in some areas, however they are currently limited. It is hoped that more of these will become available over time.

The government aims to hit its arget of 100,000 tests per day by Thursday, with just over 43,000 taking place as of Monday the 17th April. 

Anyone eligible can book a test on the government's test-booking website. 

Remember, if you think you have coronavirus, you should NOT visit your GP, hospital, or pharmacy.


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