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COVID-19 Information for Care Home Staff


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers that have been provided by Public Health England on infection control of COVID-19 in care home settings.

Remember that if required, please seek advice from your local authority adult and social care team for operational, staffing, and mutual aid support as needed.


Q- Does the use of gloves, aprons and surgical masks protect service users or staff?

A- This PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) protects the health care worker who is working within 2 meters of the service user and it will also protect the service user in case the healthcare worker has been in contact with an infected patient. This in turn protects other service users and healthcare workers being infected.

Q- Is it important to hand-wash after removing PPE?

A- Absolutely! It ensures you are protected and do not pass the virus onto other vulnerable service users.


Q- If I have to perform chest compressions and defibrillation on a service user am I at risk of COVID-19?

A- In accordance with the guidelines your aprons, gloves and surgical mask will protect you when doing chest compressions and defibrillation only. When a paramedic arrives and if they intubate the service user they will wear higher protection and you will be asked to move away from the area whilst they carry out this procedure so you are protected.


Q-Can a care home take a resident back if they have tested negative for COVID-19 in hospital?

A- Yes. Follow the advice of the discharging ward. It would be advisable to care for the resident in their own room so they are self- isolating as they may have been exposed. Monitor the resident for symptoms.


Q- Can homes admit confirmed positive residents?

A- Yes, they will need to be isolated alone in their own room with en-suite and have dedicated staff, PPE, and follow national guidelines for 7 days following the showing of their first symptoms.



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