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Changes to dental services



Due to COVID-19, a number of changes have been made to dental services.

Routine treatments are no longer available, and patients may only be seen for some specific issues.

If you require urgent access to dental treatment, you should contact your usual dentist. If you are not currently registered with a dentist, you should contact NHS 111.

Anybody who contacts the dentists will go through a triage process and may be offered one or multiple of the following:

  • Advice
  • Analgesia (pain relief medication)
  • Antimicrobials/antibiotics

There is no charge for the triage call, but any presriptions will be charged in the normal way.

If people are referred for a face-to-face appointment, this will take place at what is known as an 'urgent dental care hub', which may be at another location. In remote or rural areas, this may require significant travel. Please remember that a face-to-face appointment will only be offered when treatment is extremely urgent, and staff members will be required to wear the appropriate PPE for the clinical procedures to be carried out. 

Face-to-face appointments will be charged at the normal rates, starting at £22.70 for band 1 treatment.


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